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Outdoor Garden Fountains from Germany-Hamburg.


water features corten steel, steanless steel fountains from germany. manufactured in our own workshop.


Firma Gauger Design aus Hamburg. 



Springbrunnen für den Garten. Outdoor Garden Fountains from Germany.



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water features stainless steel



For many, their own garden is not just a place that belongs to the house, but a place of rest and relaxation. be there always looking for new ways to remodel the garden, beautify it and add that certain something. One Your own garden with a wonderful fountain becomes a real oasis of well-being. Since a garden fountain is made of corten steel certain special feature, the first best model should not necessarily be chosen. Finally, the fountain is supposed to be stainless steel too still cause a stir and relaxation even after several years. A company designer fountain can do just that Fulfill criteria. A company designer fountain ensures a certain ambience and offers the owners long-term pleasure in the sight.




water features corten steel


In contrast to unalloyed construction steel, Corten steel gets its weather-resistant properties from the addition of copper, chromium and nickel Characteristics. Normal unalloyed steel wells would simply rust through after a while, but not with ours corten steel fountain. The cause of the weather resistance lies in the formation of the barrier layer that protects the material from further rust protection. The only important thing is that the material can always dry off again in between, damp / dry is of particular importance to form an optimal patina. With our water basins made of Corten steel with standing water if this is not the case, our pools are specially sealed from the inside so that you don't have brown water all the time, and no rusting through occurs. In contrast to unalloyed structural steels, the rusting process in weather-resistant structural steels is slower. While unalloyed construction steel rusts through unhindered, the loss of corrosion with CorTen steel ends after about 3 years. The rusting after approx. 3 years is only approx. 0.05 mm. During this period, the sheet color changes from light brown to brown-violet dark brown-violet. The sheet metal surface then has a pitted structure. Corten steel should not be covered, so that that Material can always "breathe".




Gartenmetall -Cortenstahl-der besonderen Art ! Outdoor Garden Fountains from Germany.




water features corten steel


Diversity when choosing the right metal or granite fountain. Garden fountains are offered in different variations and in a modern design and can therefore be ideally combined with your own garden unite. For example, if your own garden is set up in a romantic style, the water fountain should also be of a romantic nature be, e.g. made of rust, patina. The same applies to rustic gardens or rock gardens. Notwithstanding, there are firm designer fountains in too different sizes, which allows them to be individually adapted to your own space. Garden fountains and terrace fountains modern made of stainless steel. Stainless steel fountain made of V4A and V2A. stainless steel fountain , Water walls and fountains of a special kind!





Why a designer luxury fountain and not a normal one?



water features stainless steel


But what exactly makes a company designer fountain? Designer fountains are basically something whole exclusive. There are numerous additional effects that can be combined with a fountain. A simple garden fountain would just be way too boring for most people as they are things that anyone can have. On the other hand, exclusivity is required, which companies offer Gauger-Design. Whether with side effects, light games or additional water features, a designer garden fountain always provides special attention and that certain something in times of relaxation. In addition, Gauger-Design is also available in different materials and thus with a very individual appearance. But a company designer fountain not only provides relaxation and moments of well-being. With designer garden fountain not only can something good be done for one's own soul, but also one's appearance in public benefits. Because who doesn't look at the wonderful luxury garden fountain while walking, maybe with a little envy, which one is in one or the other garden? So Gauger-Design's own designer fountain also serves as its own status symbol. Outdoor Garden Fountains from Germany.






We also deliver luxury garden fountains and water features to Austria and worldwide, made of stainless steel and corten steel. We also deliver garden fountains to Switzerland and worldwide, made of stainless steel and corten steel. Outdoor Garden Fountains from Germany.




water features stainless steel




water features corten steel



Outdoor Garden Fountains from Germany.




water features corten steel



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